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Women in Science and Education (WISE) - Maria Eriksson

Women in Science and Education, WISE 2022-12-05: WISE-pro with Maria Eriksson, Professor of Molecular Genetics, specialising in ageing at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition

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Women in Science and Education (WISE) - Eleni Aklillu

Women in Science and Education, WISE 2022-12-12: WISE-pro with Eleni Aklillu, Professor of Tropical Pharmacology at the Department of Laboratory Medicine (Labmed)

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Mentorship: What, Why and How?

Mentoring can be very valuable for your career (and life, for that matter). Still, it can be a bit elusive what it entails, how one gets a mentor and goes about the mentoring relationship or why…

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Career Planning with Sarah Blackford

With the highest level of education, PhD-qualified bioscientists and students have a wide range of career options open to them, from the specialist to the generalist. Welcome to a career seminar…

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