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Lunch webinar with Eva Hemmungs Wirtén: Patent or Perish?

Video recording of a lunch webinar with Eva Hemmungs Wirtén, Professor of Mediated Culture at the Department of Culture and Society, Linköping University, who gives an historical and…

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Lunch webinar: Reproducible research and ReproHack

Video recording of a lunch webinar on research reproducibility research and ReproHack by Gustav Nilsonne and Alessandro Gasparini held online on Monday 24 October 2022, during International Open…

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Interview: Tobias Alfvén about openness and its role in research

Interview with Tobias Alfvén, senior researcher and associate professor in Global Health at the Department of Global Public Health at Karolinska Institutet and a paediatrician at Sachs’…

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"It matters how we open knowledge": A panel discussion on open access and equity

Video recording of a panel discussion held online on Thursday 28 October 2021, during International Open Access Week. The event was carried out by the university libraries of the Stockholm Trio…

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KI University Library

Get to know the University Library and their services.

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Digital services and Student IT

As a student at KI you have access to a range of IT services. Learn more about them, and get to know Student IT who can help you if you should experience any problems.

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Welcome to the University Library

Get to know your University Library at KI.

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iCEV: Monetizing HQ EDU Videos on the Web

Dusty Moore, President of iCEV, discusses how iCEV is using Kaltura to distribute educational videos. He explains the importance of producing quality content for the web and the advantage of having…

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