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Mentimeter and Padlet via Canvas

Carina Bois shows a few examples of how to use Padlet and Mentimeter as a complement to course rooms in Canvas.

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Tips for successful video publishing in Canvas

-How to record a video directly into the Canvas Content Editor and where does the video file land-What you need to know about uploading videos directly to Files in your Canvas course-What you need to…

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Tips för omdömen

Canvas: Tips och tricks för att optimera din användning av Omdömen i Canvas Denna korta workshop syftar till att ge dig några grundläggande tips för hur du arbetar med…

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Import Media Gallery

Import Media Gallery from one Canvas course to another Canvas course. You need to have teacher access or course admin access to do this in Canvas using the Kaltura plugin.

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My Media and Media Gallery in your Canvas course

This video explains the difference between My Media and Media Gallery in Canvas

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Lunchseminarium_ grunderna i Canvas quiz

Lunchseminarium_ grunderna i Canvas quiz

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