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Nicholson lecture 2022 - Michel C. Nussenzweig

Nicholson lecture 2022 - Michel C. Nussenzweig

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2022 Scholarship Movie with subtitles.mp4

Presentation of scholarship holders from the ceremony in March 2022

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Culture and feedback

Short film for the Module: Making Sense of Culture

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Workshop for developing your students’ intercultural competences

This is an online workshop to assist teachers in using the Canvas course "Tools for developing your students' intercultural competence" (CULT101).

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Working and learning across cultures

Find out about an online workshop put together for you by the Unit for Teaching and Learning on how to work and learn across cultures. It is highly recommended that you follow this workshop during…

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From internationalisation to SDGs

"From internationalisation to SDGs" On the occasion of the SUHF Workshop on International and Intercultural Perspectives in Education held on the 28th January 2019 at KI, Prof. Ole Petter…

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Discussing internationalisation with Prof. Betty Leask

Listen to Prof. Leask discuss current trends in internationalisation of education and why it is relevant. Prof. Leak talks of what Internationalisation of the Curriculum means for teaching practices…

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English as a lingua franca and implications for teaching

What type of English do we refer to when we talk of the international classroom? Native speaker English? International English? Find out here!

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