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Import Media Gallery

Import Media Gallery from one Canvas course to another Canvas course. You need to have teacher access or course admin access to do this in Canvas using the Kaltura plugin.

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My Media and Media Gallery in your Canvas course

This video explains the difference between My Media and Media Gallery in Canvas

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Cornell Uni: Scaling the Video Infrastructure

Michael Tolomeo, Instructional Media Manager, shares how video usage at Cornell University evolved over time. From transcoding all videos in-house to outsourcing it to Kaltura in order to scale…

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Kaltura Customer Stories

Our customers and partners share their insights on market trends, online video and Kaltura’s solutions. Explore real requirements from real organizations and learn how Kaltura transforms…

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SAP: Internal Social Video Portal in Enterprises

In the past, it took days for SAP employees to create a single video. These days, it takes them an average of a few minutes. With over 80,000 employees, SAP uses Kaltura to distribute audio and video…

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