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Health Talk 3: Physical Activity and Exercise

Jorge Ruas is a Professor of Molecular Physiology and group leader for the Molecular and Cellular Exercise Physiology research group. In this presentation he talks about their research on how…

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Health Talk 1: Everyday movement

Professor Mai-Lis Hellenius talks about everyday movement and why every step counts. FYSS - Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease WHO Guidelines on physical activity and…

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Health Talk 2: Mental Health and Physical Activity

Part 1 Senior Psychiatrist Ullakarin Nyberg talks about the importance of everyday physical activity for mental health. Learn more Research Medicinvetarna #6 Ullakarin on TEDxTalks Podcast…

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Active Break

A 10-minute active break session.

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Anywhere movement

Movement is everywhere. You don´t need a gym.

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It’s time for no. 2 of the 30 day movement challenge! 👊 THE SETUP 1. Set a timer for 2 min 2. Find good place where you can swing your arms. 3. Start with appropriate level - one arm circles…

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30 day challenge - No 1

Movement challenge starts today! Why not have some fun while taking a movement snack? Every third day for 30 days we will post a new and fun challenge. All of them have different levels so there will…

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10-minute Active Break

Movement tips for active breaks during the workday!

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10 min workout

10-minute bodyweight workout that can be done anywhere

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10 min workout

10 min interval workout 4 movements 30 seconds work 20 seconds rest 3 rounds This video clip show one full round.

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5 min active break (Stick)

Take a active break with this short routine

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Workout in Biofit

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squat break

KI squat challenge: 10 squats each hour during workdays. How many consecutive hours can you do?

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